1. The first step is to download Carro app into your Shopify admin dashboard.

2. The second step is to complete your supplier profile so that we can add your brand to our e-commerce store.

 Here's how:

A. Head over to Carro in your Sales Channel section of Shopify.

B. Click on the "Launch Directory" button underneath the "Partner With Brands". 

C. Click "Settings" at the bottom left side of the dashboard. And choose the "Supplier" tab. Then choose to turn on auto-approve. Don't worry you will be able to deselect this option once we connect your inventory with our store. 

3. The third step is to add your Stripe account or create a new Stripe account in case you don't already have it. This will allow for payments from any sales to come directly into your bank account in real-time. 

4. And that’s it! We’ll select from your amazing products and amplify your story to new customers ready to support women founders! The orders & payments will be coming to you in real-time. Please note that we shipping the products to customers is your responsibility as we don't hold any inventory.