MINI POWER DUO: cleanse & tone by sixgldn


Fulfilled by our friends at sixgldn

BETTER TOGETHER: Our antioxidant-packed cleanse and tone duo is everything you need to gently cleanse, purify, calm and balance. Powered by a unique blend of coconut-based, sulfate-free natural cleansers and nutrient-rich Phyto-Active Detoxifying Complex™, pores look tighter and skin feels soft, fresh, and hydrated.

  • Botanical Cleansing Gel 15ml .5 fl oz
  • Botanical Toner 15ml .5 fl oz

After 5 weeks:

  • 100% say it's gentle but effective on skin (Botanical Cleansing Gel)
  • 84% say pores look less visible (Botanical Toner)
GLDN glow courtesy of:
Phyto-Active Detoxifying Complex™ | angelica sinensis | burdock | licorice | magnolia berry | ginseng | glycerin

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