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Stay Well Tea



A powerful blend of loose leaf herbs and spices, including Elderberry, to help promote health and well-being. Mild-bodied with a hint of ginger, along with a mild minty flavor and aroma from the lemon balm, and a slightly fruity and bright flavor from the elder berries. Use daily to support a healthy immune system.


Approximately 20 servings.


Organic echinacea purpurea herb, organic lemon balm leaf, organic olive leaf, organic elder berry, organic elder flower, organic lemon peel, organic ginger root, and organic goldenseal leaf.

About the founder

Leny Fralicker was a professional violinist turned elderberry mixologist when her son developed severe allergies after a move to Fort Meyers, Florida. After her next baby arrived and suffered from RSV and colic, and she found her own mental health suffering. Determined to find a natural cure, she small fortune on natural supplements and focused on developing a new health regimen for my boys. After seeing the benefits for her family of organic Elderberry, she learned she could make a much cleaner version of it herself than those she could find in the market.


To preserve freshness, aroma, and potency, our loose teas are packaged in a convenient stand-up pouch with a re-sealable zipper closure.

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