Paddle Hair Brush



TYME for an awesome professional hairbrush that’s pretty, too(in our new LIMITED EDITION Obsidian color!) Now you can use this paddle hairbrush as…well, a paddle brush that leaves your hair looking & feeling silky and shiny! Soft cushion and bristles for a very comfortable and massaging experience. Soft enough to put you to sleep. So we recommend you don’t use it while operating heavy machinery...you sleeping beauty! Nonslip handle with a magnetic feature for easy and elegant storage. A magnet in the handle people!! You can hang this baby anywhere! Show us your creativity with #HangTYME!

About the founder

Jacynda Smith had a lifelong obsession with hair, and created TYME to give women back time, working to help women do their hair in 10 minutes or less. She began the company after her husband's hockey career abruptly ended due to an injury, moving to Iowa and starting her journey turning her passion into a career.

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