Shampoo Hair Brush



Say hello to your new best friend, the TYME Massaging Shampoo Brush! This little manicure saver can be used out of the shower for a relaxing scalp massage, but its true power shines in the shower! The thick silicone bristles reach towards your scalp to help lather in Pregame Shampoo creating a better cleanse. As the bristles work to boost blood flow, they also exfoliate dead skin cells and clear oil glands, leaving you with lifted hair follicles from the root! This added lift will give you noticeably healthier hair that will last longer in between washes. PLUS, this brush will save you from that dreaded feeling of wet hair sliding in between your nail polish and fingernail...or tugging somehow perfectly on a hangnail. Save yourself and your manicure with this massaging brush. You’ll wish you would have done it sooner

About the founder

Jacynda Smith had a lifelong obsession with hair, and created TYME to give women back time, working to help women do their hair in 10 minutes or less. She began the company after her husband's hockey career abruptly ended due to an injury, moving to Iowa and starting her journey turning her passion into a career.

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